Obviously, winning is more enjoyable than losing. No matter if we’re discussing sports, games, racing,

or the lottery, posting about winning on Instagram is run for the course.


Numerous Instagram users employ the hashtag #winning while discussing accomplishment, making it simple to determine which sports and other activities are the most popular – and successful – on a global scale.

In 2011, the actor Charlie Sheen’s strange conduct and usage of the term “winning” launched him into the collective pop-culture consciousness, which led to the rise in popularity of the catchphrase. Five years later, we are still #winning… at least on Instagram.


We examined which regions of the country (and the world) posted the most sports and activity-related Instagram posts using the #winning hashtag, which has over 9 million uses. Continue reading to observe how everything transpired in the worldwide arena.

Each State’s Biggest Win

The top “winning” Instagram photos in each state were not always evident or anticipated. Kentucky cites the Kentucky Derby the most, while Colorado (home of the 2016 Super Bowl champions) mentions football the most. Hawaii “won” the most at yoga, while Georgia bragged about its golf victories. Bingo was the most often referenced triumph in Minnesota.

In January 2016, a record-breaking Powerball jackpot was won by three individuals, which made for a major news story. During that particular period, people were in a purchasing frenzy. Both Kansas and Vermont had the most Instagram mentions of the Powerball game. Unsurprisingly, casino was the most-mentioned word in Nevada, while cards was the most-mentioned word in South Dakota.



Football Triumphs Globally

By separating the Instagram data by country, we discovered that Canada is the nation that posts the most about #winninghockey. Soccer is the most discussed #winning sport on Instagram in a multitude of nations throughout the world (although the sport is more commonly called “football” in those regions).

Rugby has the most Instagram followers in the United Kingdom, whereas golf is the most popular sport in South Africa and New Zealand. People in India frequently write about cricket, yet in Japan, where the video game industry is massive, gaming is the most popular topic.


The United States has the most football victories.

Both the National Football League and college football dominate our sports consciousness and stay incredibly popular throughout the year. Next on the list is soccer (children soccer is quite popular in the United States), then basketball, bodybuilding, and boxing.



Baseball, also known as “America’s Pastime,” does not feature in our rankings, which may come as a surprise to the children and teenagers who play as well as the spectators who regularly visit parks to watch games.


Running, weightlifting, CrossFit, and cardio all reach the top 10, indicating that there is a great deal of interest in fitness in the United States (and probably gym selfies).

The Most Successful States

Nevada, California, Florida, Hawaii, New Jersey, Washington, Georgia, New York, Colorado, and Oregon are the most #winning states on Instagram. While Nevada is home to the casino-filled city of Las Vegas, states without significant casino scenes, such as California and Florida, are frequently successful as well. Numerous prominent professional sports teams reside in each of these states, which may enhance their number of “wins.”

West Virginia and Maine have fewer “wins” than the majority of the Midwest. Although there are no major league sports teams in Maine, the state’s lobsters and magnificent lighthouses are undoubtedly winners.


A Victorious Conclusion

It turns out that you can learn a great deal about a region by observing what its residents are #winning at on Instagram. In analyzing Instagram photos from throughout the world, we discovered that individuals like sharing their victories. The world plainly enjoys bragging about its victories, whether they occur on the field, in the weight room, or at the table.



We scanned Instagram for #winning and evaluated over 9 million posts to determine the most popular sports, games, and hobbies.