DuPont Provides Access and Sponsorship to Purdue University

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DuPont Provides Access and Sponsorship to Purdue University
DuPont Provides Access and Sponsorship to Purdue UniversityDuPont Provides Access and Sponsorship to Purdue University

DuPont Pioneer has granted Purdue University access to its proprietary phenotyping and ear photometry technology, which will help advance research at the school’s Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center. DuPont has also agreed fund the Henry Wallace Chair in plant sciences at Purdue’s College of Agriculture for five years. “We could not be more excited to have DuPont as a collaborator in our plant sciences program,” says Jay Akridge, Glenn W. Sample dean of agriculture, in a press release on the university’s website. “This investment will dramatically enhance our capabilities to improve plants and build on the momentum of the Purdue Moves investment in plant sciences.” Say John Arbuckle, vice president of DuPont Pioneer, “Through this public-private effort, we’re shaping the future of agriculture by seeking to advance research and develop a rich talent pipeline of future employees.”


Emerald Launches CBD OilsEmerald Launches CBD Oils

Emerald Health Therapeutics has launched two new medical cannabis oils: CBD-25 and CBD-50, which respectively contain 25 milligrams (mg) and 50 mg of CBD per milliliter. According to a press release on PR Newswire, management believes these oils contain the highest amount of CBD per milliliter, with a nominal amount of THC, on the ACMPR market. “These high CBD oils have minute amounts of THC and thus little to no psychoactive effects. Emerald is also actively developing capsules that will have the advantage of precise dosing in a format familiar to patients and doctors. We believe that capsules are the ideal form of delivery for patients with little or no experience with cannabis and will become the preferred delivery method in the medical cannabis industry,” says Dr. Bin Huang, president and CEO of Emerald. “We look forward to conducting clinical studies to assess the efficacy of our formulations in the management of medical conditions such as insomnia and pain.”


Florikan Inducted into Space Technology Hall of FameFlorikan Inducted into Space Technology Hall of Fame

Florikan and its founder, Ed Rosenthal, have been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. The honor comes after Florikan partnered with NASA to help the agency grow vegetables at the International Space Station with its Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF), reports “Our goal was to create a consistent, precise fertilizer that would save growers time and money,” Rosenthal said during the ceremony. “I’m delighted that it’s led to this award, and honored by our partnership with NASA.” NASA helped in the testing and development of polymer coatings for time-release fertilizers for growing plants. “Controlled or time-release fertilizers have advantages for both commercial and home users,” Dr. Ray Wheeler, a plant physiologist with NASA, says. “With Florikan CRF, we now only require a single application, which can last for months. This technology avoids rapid release of nutrients typical for most conventional fertilizers, which can leach through the soil and even get into waterways.”


Canopy Growth Expands WestwardCanopy Growth Expands Westward

Canopy Growth Corporation announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire rTrees Producers Limited, a late-stage ACMPR applicant based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Once acquired, rTrees will operate as Tweed Grasslands and will produce high-quality western-grown products to support the Tweed brand and the new flagship Tweed Main Street online store. “Finding the right opportunity to expand our footprint to Western Canada has been an important priority for our team,” Bruce Linton, chairman and CEO of Canopy Growth says in a press release on Newswire. “We are excited to be joining forces with Canopy Growth, a company that shares our vision for the future of cannabis,” says Andrew MacCorquodale, president and CEO of rTrees. “By merging our skills and experience with the proven operational expertise of Tweed, we will be in a great position to ensure that consumers from Western Canada have reliable access to high-quality, locally grown and produced products from a recognized global brand.”


TeraGanix Products Now Available at White River Growpro Hydroponics & Gardening SupplyTeraGanix Products Now Available at White River Growpro Hydroponics & Gardening Supply

As part of their product offering, White River Growpro Hydroponics & Gardening now carry TeraGanix EM-1 Microbial Inoculant and have added a few more products to offer the entire Probiotic Wellness Garden to their customers, according to EIN News. Owned and operated by husband and wife Kendall Smith and Stephanie Waterman, White River Growpro Hydroponics & Gardening Supply is a locally owned family business, committed to helping people grow plants and features products for both hydroponic and soil gardeners. TeraGanix EM-1 Microbial Inoculant is part of the Probiotic Wellness Garden, a complete garden kit that includes Gro-Kashi, Malibu Compost, and a sub-irrigated planter called EarthBox. “Nutrient runoff has become a big topic of concern, as has bioaccumulation of pesticides and nasty chemicals in medical cannabis. With the PWG any runoff is beneficial to our environment, and it gives us pure, clean medicine that is good for our health,” says Kendall.


Aphria To Enter US MarketAphria To Enter US Market

Aphria, a large-scale Canadian medical marijuana producer, has taken more steps in a plan to expand into the US. According to a story on, the company plans to invest CDN$25 million into the private holding company DFMMJ Investment, which, in turn, will buy Chestnut Hill Tree Farm in Florida. Chestnut is one of seven licensed businesses participating in Florida’s CBD-focused program, and is positioned to participate in the state’s new, full-strength medical marijuana program. British Columbia-based DFMMJ, meanwhile, will be renamed Liberty Health Sciences and will operate in the United States as Aphria USA. As part of the deal, Aphria will license its MMJ growing technologies and greenhouse expertise to Liberty. When the deal is done, Aphria will end up owning 37.6 per cent of Liberty. This deal comes on the heels of Aphria increasing its investment in an MMJ grower in Arizona.


Urban Agriculture Research Centre to be established in Dubai

Urban Agriculture Research Centre to be established in Dubai

The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) was recently selected by Swedish company Plantagon to be their academic research partner in Dubai, according to Hortidaily. Known for their patented innovations in the field of urban food production systems, Plantagon’s partnership with UOWD will focus on urban agriculture related research and the development of innovative solutions for the United Arab Emirates. Plantagon and UOWD plan to establish an Urban Agriculture Research Centre in Dubai and formulate a framework for the development of innovative urban agriculture and as an enabler of urban development and Smart Cities strategies in that area. The partnership will draw upon the university’s expertise in supply chain management, marketing management, quality management, engineering services, ICT, and big-data solutions for Smart Cities, coupled with Plantagon’s industry experience in infrastructure-integrated and resource-efficient urban food systems.


AltMeds and CannaRoyalty Enter Licensing PartnershipAltMeds and CannaRoyalty Enter Licensing Partnership

AltMed Enterprises, based in Florida and Arizona, has partnered with Canada’s CannaRoyalty Corp. CannaRoyalty, which has a diversified portfolio of assets in high-value segments of the cannabis sector, now includes AltMed’s MüV line of cannabis-infused products for its expansive licensing and distribution channels. The deal opens the door to MüV products becoming available in several US states where medical cannabis is legal, and internationally in Canada and Puerto Rico.


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