Vote For Your Favorite Exhibit at GrowX San Jose & Help Them Win Best of Show

Vote For Your Favorite Exhibit at GrowX San Jose & Help Them Win Best of Show

Vote For Your Favorite Exhibit at GrowX San Jose & Help Them Win Best of Show

GrowX exhibitors in San Jose will be putting their best booth forward in the hopes of winning top honors in the trade show’s Best of Show Contest. Each exhibitor at the upcoming San Jose GrowX show will be dressed up and after your votes!

What is the GrowX Best of Show Contest?

It’s simple! Throughout the weekend, as a GrowX attendee you will be encouraged to vote on what you believe is the weekend’s Best Booth. At the end of the GrowX, awards will be given to the booths that received the most votes from attendees.

Place your votes based on booth creativity, imagination, and originality. Other things that might factor into your voting decision are the exhibitor staff’s enthusiasm, friendliness, and interaction with attendees.

Here’s How the San Jose GrowX Best Of Show Contest Will Work

  1. Upon entry to the show, each attendee will receive a Best of Show Contest voting ballot in the form of a Mardi Gras necklace.
  2. Throughout the weekend, attendees will be giving away their necklaces to the operators of their favorite booths.
  3. The booth holding the most Mardi Gras necklaces at the end of the weekend WINS!
  4. Winners will be announced at the end of the show on Sunday.

The Best of Show Contest at the GrowX will be sure to provide a little bit of friendly competition throughout the weekend. We hope you’ll help your favorite exhibit win by crowning them with your votes. Alliances are highly encouraged.

All GrowX Exhibitors are automatically registered for the Best of Show competition.

Who will be Exhibiting at the San Jose GrowX?

For full details on any of these exhibitors, please see our page dedicated to San Jose GrowX Exhibitors

Allstate Garden Supply
Apera Instruments
Atmosphere Inc.
Beneficial Biologics
Bio Nova Nutrients
Biohazard Inc.
Bluelab Corporation Ltd.
Bridgewell Agriculture
Budbox limited
Budmaster LED
Cannabis Now
Centurion Pro
Cosmic Coir
Dab Pumps Inc.
Danner Manufacturing, Inc.
Denkyu Lighting
DL Wholesale
Dr. Earth
EnviroTech Soil Solutions
Excel Air Systems
EZ-Clone Enterprises Inc.
General Hydroponics & Vermicrop Organics
Gorilla Grow Tent
Green Diamond Stonewool
Green Gro
Grow More
Grow Patrol
Grower’s Choice
Growth Science
Hanna Instruments
Heavy 16
Heritage Organics/Mission Fertilizer/Sanctuary Soil
High Caliper Growing- Smart Pot
HM Digital
House and Garden Nutrients
Humboldt County’s Own
Integra by Desiccare
JW Consulting
Lambert Peat Moss
Left Coast Wholesale
Mac & Fulton Executive Search & Consulting
Mainland Mart Corp.
Medicine Man Technologies
Mighty Blend
Montana Grow
Nanolux Technology
Nutrilife Plant Products
O2 Grow
OCO Labs
Organic Bountea
Ozone Environmental/Uvonair
Pacific Grow Supply
Plug N Grow
Pollen Gear
Power Si, Rosin Industries & Aura Systems
Precision Extraction Solutions
Primordial Solutions
Revelry Supply
Royal Gold
Safer Brand
SaferGro Laboratories Inc.
Seed Vault of California
Sentinel GPS
Shield N Seal
Spring Pots
Summit Research Tech.
Sun Power Lighting
Terra Hydro Company
Terra Nova Research & Development
The Bucket Company
The Coco Depot
The GrowBiz
The Triminator
Tradewinds Wholesale Garden Supplies
True Liberty Bags
Ursa LED
Vital Garden Supply
Xtreme Gardening

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