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Montana Grow Organic Silicon Amendment

General Hydroponics

HM Digital SCM-1000 Refractometer

Grower's Choice Digital 315W CMH Complete Fixture

The Original Resinator

Nanolux Base Ballast

Budmaster LED Citiled Horticultural COB Chips

Sun System & Sunlight Supply Par Pro Hyper Arc

Safer Brand Nutrient Kits

BudBox Grow Tents

Bridgewell Agriculture PAR4 Natural Fertilizers

Bountea Veg & Bountea Flower

O2 Grow 2120-A Spider

HM Digital HM-200 Handheld Digital Monitor

Danner Manufacturing Supreme Hydro-Clean 

Danner Manufacturing Supreme-Hydro Ebb and Flow Kit 

Neudorff HydroWorxx Pest Control Line 

Bluelab Pro Controller and Bluelab PeriPods

Hydrogarden: VitaLink Nutrients, GoGro, and Plessey LEDs

Hygrozyme Drums

Machine Clean by Scissor FIX

Plug ‘N’ Grow Climate Control Products

PRO-MIX MP Mycorrhizae Organik

Nanolux Mogul/CMH adaptor

HM Digital HM-500 Handheld Digital Monitor 

HM Digital COM-300 Handheld Digital Monitor 

Triminator Rosin Press 25T