SAN JOSE 2017 Exhibitors

Get exclusive access to the companies at the forefront of the modern growing industry as they showcase the latest hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic and organic products and technologies as well as innovations in vertical gardening, greenhouse growing, urban farming and more!

  • Agrowtek
  • Air-Pot
  • Allstate Garden Supply
  • Apera Instruments
    Apera Instruments LLC
  • Arborjet Revolutionary Plant Health Solutions
  • Atami NA
  • Atmosphere
  • Aura AC Systems
  • Beneficial Biologics
  • Bio Hazard Inc.
  • Bio Nova
  • Bluelab Corporation Ltd.
  • Boveda Humidity Control
  • Bridgewell Agriculture / PAR4 Natural Fertilizers
    Bridgewell Agriculture Products
  • BudBox Grow Tents
    BudBox Grow Tents
  • Budmaster LED Pure Par Power
    Budmaster LED
  • Cannabis Now Magazine
    Cannabis Now
  • CenturionPro
  • Coir Plus
  • Cosmic Coir
  • CYCO
  • Danner Manufacturing Inc.
  • Denkyu Lighting Inc
    Denkyu Lighting
  • Dewgood
  • DimLux Lighting