Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Organic Farming in NY, Grower's Guide & Cannafo Connect

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Organic Farms in NY, New Grower’s Guide & Cannabis Info App

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Organic Farming in NY, Grower's Guide & Cannafo Connect
KIND LED Adds Another Shining Light to the FamilyKIND LED Adds Another Shining Light to the Family

KIND LED Grow Lights is proud to welcome David Mora to the account executive role. David has deep roots in the Bay Area; he was born in Livermore, CA, and currently resides in Santa Rosa with his three children and fiancé. When he isn’t ushering in the next generation of growing technology to growers worldwide, David enjoys hanging out with his family and watching movies. He loves camping, hiking, being with nature, and just sitting in the Golden Gate Park on a beautiful day. While his hobbies also include watching the Warriors, jogging, and real estate, David comes to the world of high-end LED grow lights with full force. For more information on how you can increase yields, reduce power consumption, and boost the profitability of your grow, David is no more than a phone call away. Call him at 1-855-559-5463 ext.121 to say hi and you might just walk away with some new technology that will change your growing world forever.


Greengro Technologies Retains Investor Relations PartnersGreengro Technologies Retains Investor Relations Partners

Greengro Technologies has retained Investor Relations Partners (IRP), an investor and public relations firm, to help expand the its strategic investor relations program, reports a press release on Nasdaq’s website. “In the past few months, we have made a number of strategic acquisitions and partnerships and built what we believe is a solid pipeline of significant deals. However, the market has yet to grasp our unique strategy and the enormous role we expect to play in the indoor agriculture market. We have retained IRP to help communicate the series of expected positive developments to the investment community in an effort to significantly increase our exposure as well as support our overriding goal of building shareholder value,” says Jim Haas, CEO of GreenGro Technologies.


Cannafo Launches Cannafo ConnectCannafo Launches Cannafo Connect

Looking for a place to connect with your peers in the industry as well as your customers? Well, look no further than Cannafo’s latest software, Cannafo Connect. Set to launch this month, Connect is a white-labeled app dispensaries can use for customer retention. It has features not yet seen in the industry. Cannafo has designed an immersive brand experience for consumers, growers, and entrepreneurs alike. The advanced platform provides unique, personalized exposure for businesses, and access to the loyal, growing Cannafo community. Dispensaries and retailers can let their message be heard, retain their customers longer, and increase their profits with Cannafo Connect.


Clearwater Organic Farms to Build Facility in Upstate New York 250x250Clearwater Organic Farms to Build Facility in Upstate New York

Clearwater Organic Farms will build a 15-acre, 650,000-square-foot facility in Monroe County, where the indoor greenhouse company will produce organic baby leaf greens. According to a story on the Greenhouse Product News website, the project will create 137 full-time jobs, many of which will be reserved for veterans or those who are underemployed. “We recognized that we could create real value in growing and providing fresh, local, and safe baby leaf vegetables and herbs to the local markets and still have a project that would be energy efficient and one that would provide job and career opportunities for workers that might not otherwise be able to work in food production,” says Peter Ciriello, Clearwater Organic Farms’ partner. Phillip Theodore, Organic Farms’ CEO, adds, “We are very pleased with the level of support that we’ve received from the State of New York, the County of Monroe, and COMIDA to bring innovative and leading technology to the Finger Lakes Region.”


Third Installment of The Growers Guide Now Available 250x250Third Installment of The Growers Guide Now Available

The Growers Guide “Organics” by Rich Hamilton is a comprehensive guide to growing indoors using a hand-fed run to waste method that compromises an entirely organic feeding range and ethos. If you have grown organically before and maybe want to try a fresh approach, or you have just been thinking about it and need steering in the right direction, then this book will show you how and give you some handy hints and tips along the way. You will get clear, easy to follow instructions explaining every step of the process, along with dozens of colour photos and diagrams. The Growers Guide “Organics” features all the products you will need to get started from some of the biggest names in hydroponics and everything comes with a “tried and tested” recommendation so you can have confidence that you will get the results that you want.


The SuperCloset Family Grows Stronger Every Day 250x250The SuperCloset Family Grows Stronger Every Day

SuperCloset is happy to welcome a new member to its award-winning sales and grow technician family. Frank Kobrin brings a new level of passion to helping people grow indoors and out. Born and raised in New Jersey, he joined the Marine Corps in 2007 and was assigned to 3rd Light Armor Reconnaissance Battalion. Frank joined the indoor gardening industry in 2011 when he ended his active duty contract and has since gained an impressive amount of experience in growing at all levels. He strives to approach the world of horticulture the same way he approached his military duties, with honor, integrity, and a strong work ethic. When not working, he loves the outdoors and enjoys spending his time hunting, fishing, and camping. He currently lives in Sonoma County with his wife, Brittany, and their dog, Kali, and cats, Lucifur and Layla. So, whether you are looking for the best turn-key grow cabinets and growrooms available, or you just need advice on how to get the most out of your grow, call Frank Kobrin and grow with the best.


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