Your Weekly Industry Buzz: MMJ Licenses in Nevada, Brand Reimagining, & New Aeroponics System

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: MMJ Licenses in Nevada, Brand Reimagining, & New Aeroponics System

Green Leaf Farms Awarded Medical Marijuana Licenses
Your Weekly Industry Buzz: MMJ Licenses in Nevada, Brand Reimagining, & New Aeroponics SystemGreen Leaf Farms Awarded Medical Marijuana Licenses

The state of Nevada recently awarded Green Leaf Farms Holdings, a subsidiary of Player’s Network, the licenses it required to commence medical marijuana cultivation and production operation its 27,000-square-foot facility in North Las Vegas. The company can grow an unlimited number of plants to produce extractions and edibles for the Nevada market, says a press release on “This has been a long journey through the mountains of paperwork and regulatory requirements to become fully compliant,” says Player’s Network CEO Mark Bradley. “Now, we can finally put our plan into place and focus on developing amazing brands within the MMJ industry. Our facility looks amazing and we’re proud of the hard work that has gotten us to this point. I believe when we are fully built out that it will be one of the leading facilities in the world.”


HempTech to Split into Five UnitsHempTech to Split into Five Units

HempTech, a Nevada-based provider of advanced controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems, will split into five divisions to make the company more efficient and able to cater to the fast-growing cannabis industry, reports a press release on Marketwired. The five units will consist of a consultation services unit, a software and technology unit, a cultivation automation unit, cultivation products unit, and an energy management unit. “Splitting HempTech into five separate units will allow the company to unlock growth and bring greater efficiency to its business model,” Mr. Verghese, COO of HempTech, says. “It will also allow the company to cater distinct products and services to the multiple segments of the cannabis marketplace, hence creating more diverse revenue path and assured profitability.”


LumiGrow Reimagines Brand to Emphasize ConnectivityLumiGrow Reimagines Brand to Emphasize Connectivity

This May, LumiGrow introduced its new brand identity. “There have been a lot of changes within the company this past year, and with our 10-year anniversary upon us, we feel it’s the perfect time to re-illustrate our commitment to our growers,” says CEO Shami Patel. Along with a new slogan—Growth Through Connectivity—the company has a new logo depicting a digital flower made of two leaves joined by lighting connectivity bands. “At our heart, we’re still lighting innovators and thought-leaders, but our company has grown to be so much more than that,” explains Jay Albere II, VP of sales and marketing. “We’ve become this nexus where spectral science meets applied horticulture and lighting IoT. When we speak of connectivity, we’re not only referring to the connectivity of our adjustable lighting system through our software platform. We’ve also created communities as we lead humankind’s discovery of how plants use light. Our engineers, researchers, and lighting specialists work in unison with our growers to create a connected environment for plants and people to thrive.” For more information, visit


International Sustainability Group Acquires iMDInternational Sustainability Group Acquires iMD

International Sustainability Group (ISGP), a subsidiary of Anything Technologies Media, has acquired iMD Meds, Hydroponics, CBD, and Hemp Energy Protein Bar division. “We are excited about this buyout as it brings value and synergy to ISGP and EXMT [Anything Technologies Media] and another large asset into iMD. With the addition of 125 million shares of ISGP common shares, our assets… have grown substantially,” Richard Wilson, CEO of IMD Companies says in a PR Newswire release. “This buyout gives iMD the opportunity to focus all its efforts on mining.” ISGP has experience in the hydroponics, CBD, and energy bar business, having already developed the AlgePro bar. Now, ISGP director Benny Tillman says the company will “co-market” its product with the Hemp Energy NutraPro protein bar, to which it now owns the rights.


Aurora Cannabis Acquires Pedanios GmbHAurora Cannabis Acquires Pedanios GmbH

Aurora Cannabis has acquired Pedanios GmbH, German wholesale importer, exporter, and distributor of medical cannabis for the EU. “This is a transformational acquisition for Aurora, and a key step in our aggressive international expansion strategy,” Neil Belot, Aurora’s chief global business development officer says in a Newswire press release. “Pedanios, with first mover success in the EU, has proven itself as one of the world’s most trusted and scalable importers, exporters, and distributors of wholesale medical cannabis. Patients, physicians, and pharmacies across the EU recognize the Pedanios brand as the trusted source for high-quality, GMP-certified medical cannabis,” says CEO Terry Booth. “The Pedanios team share Aurora’s vision, our high standards, and our intentions to play a leading role in shaping the future of the global cannabis industry. In addition, because the average market prices are higher in Germany than in Canada, we expect German sales to positively impact our average sales price per gram.”


BioAgra Technologies Launches the True Aeroponics Genesis SystemBioAgra Technologies Launches the True Aeroponics Genesis System

BioAgra Technologies partnered with Richard Stoner, who is considered to be the Father of Aeroponics, and Mr. Stoner’s Agrihouse Brands to launch the original Genesis Aeroponic system at the LIFT Expo this May. The system includes a high-pressure aeroponic chamber, enabling root growth from pure air; the NEXGEN Light Array, which delivers a high level of photosynthetic energy at a low wattage and can be placed inches from plants without burning the plants and eliminates insects; and BEYOND all-natural plant amendment, which helps maintain and improve plant health by increasing nutrient uptake. It utilizes 80 per cent less water than hydroponics or soil grow systems. A hydro-atomized, nutrient-rich mist under high pressure sprays the roots at specific intervals and durations hundreds of times daily. Distribution outside of India will be handled by BioAgra Technologies. For further information, please contact COO Gary Rotman at 1-647-632-2520 or, and visit


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