Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Medical Marijuana Expansion, Fresh Faces & Record Revenues

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Medical Marijuana Expansion, Fresh Faces & Record Revenues

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Medical Marijuana Expansion, Fresh Faces & Record Revenues


Whistler Medical Marijuana Confirms Major ExpansionWhistler Medical Marijuana Confirms Major Expansion

Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp (WMMC), Canada’s only 100 per cent certified organic licensed producer, is expanding by 65,000 square feet. “Over the past three years, WMMC have worked diligently to refine our production practices and produce products in line with demand. Expanding our facility allows us to grow to meet demand and will place WMMC at the forefront of premium organic cannabis production,” says WMMC CEO Christopher Pelz in a press release on Marketwired. Construction of the new satellite facility in nearby Pemberton began in April. The project, which is expected to be complete in spring 2018, will allow the company to produce an additional 6,500 kilograms of organic cannabis per year.


Arborjet Launches New FSeries TREE I.V. SystemArborjet Launches New FSeries TREE I.V. System

Arborjet recently launched its new FSeries TREE I.V. system. Designed for maximum speed, accuracy, and ease, the FSeries dramatically reduces tree injection set-up and application time, and provides greater safety. The FSeries can inject up to 120 pounds per square inch and offers users the flexibility to select the bottle size (650 milliliter and 1.5 liter) that matches their needs. The higher pressure significantly reduces injection time and the choice of bottle size reduces the amount of air needed to pump into the bottle. Also integral to the system is Arborjet’s patent-pending Hex PDS (parallel distribution system), which distributes fluid evenly into as many as six injection ports off one hub. The FSeries also features a fill port on the bottle cap, which allows the bottle to be filled without removing the cap assembly. “We collaborated closely with our applicator partners to look at every detail of the treatment experience and make it as efficient, fast, and flexible as possible,” says president and COO Russ Davis. For more information, please visit


Garden Gear Supply Partners with Sparetime SupplyGarden Gear Supply Partners with Sparetime Supply

Garden Gear Supply (GGS) is excited to announce that Sparetime Supply will distribute Radicle Bags on the west coast. “We are so excited to work with Sparetime Supply,” says GGS’s Shane Smith. “After pounding the pavement in the Emerald Triangle for a year, it became obvious who the best distributor for us was. Over and over, we heard great things from store owners in Oregon and California about Sparetime Supply. The owners and management treated us like family at their facility in Willits. We were honored to even meet the owner of such huge operation. They have the respect of the industry as well, and that’s rare. Having the ability to fulfill such large volumes to stores through Sparetime takes a ton of pressure off of us. Now, we are able to focus on new markets and innovation. Look for Radicle Bags in a store near you.”


TrolMaster Enters North American MarketTrolMaster Enters North American Market

TrolMaster, a company with over 12 years of experience designing and manufacturing greenhouse controllers, has entered the North American market. TrolMaster provides a wide range of hydroponic products, including CO2 controllers, pH/EC controllers, temp and humidity controllers, digital and lighting timers, CO2 generators, and LED grow lights. The company’s most recent designs are at the cutting edge and provide superior performance at extremely competitive pricing. TrolMaster’s extensive experience with growers has also proven one thing time and again: don’t forget about the human being operating the device. That’s why the company takes simple operation and straight-forward functionality seriously. For more information, visit Just remember TrolMaster: funny name, serious growing products.



Solis Tek Announces Record RevenuesSolis Tek Announces Record Revenues

Solis Tek, a provider of digital lighting equipment for hydroponic cannabis cultivation, announced record revenues for 2016. In a press release on Marketwired, the company reported an 11 per cent increase in revenue over 2015 and a 15 per cent increase in gross profit for fiscal 2016 over full year 2015. Gross margins and cash balances also increased. “Throughout 2016, Solis Tek’s revenues reached record levels as more states embraced legalized cannabis sales, driving commercial demand for indoor lighting equipment for cannabis cultivation,” comments incoming CEO, Dennis G. Forchic. “In addition to securing repeat sales from existing clients, we were pleased to sign new sales agreements with leading industry players … We expect the ongoing evolution of the legal cannabis market to mobilize a growing network of credible producers of regulated, high quality cannabis which will continue to drive demand for our diverse range of ballasts, lamps, and other lighting equipment throughout 2017.”


Two Fresh Faces at Dr. EarthTwo Fresh Faces at Dr. Earth

Dr.Earth is excited to announce the hiring of two fresh faces: Max Martin as director of business development and Frank Pierce as vice president of sales and marketing. They will lead efforts with sales and marketing, as well as business development in the hydroponic and specialty horticulture industry. Frank brings over 25 years’ experience in premium soil and fertilizers, as well as a proven track record of maximizing sales team efficiency. He is tasked with implementing winning sales strategies and identifying effective marketing endeavors. Cool, calm, and collected, Frank is passionate about the outdoors. He enjoys fishing, camping with family, and spending time in the veggie garden. An avid gardener from northern California, Max has an immense background in indoor horticulture and passion for sustainability. He loves to help others achieve success in the garden, champion an organic lifestyle, and prepare meals with homegrown fruits and veggies. He is tasked with identifying and pursuing opportunities for brand awareness and growth.


Medical Cannabis Company Signs Deal with True Leaf PetMedical Cannabis Company Signs Deal with True Leaf Pet

True Leaf Pet, a subsidiary of True Leaf Medicine International, has signed an exclusive three-year agreement with Synchronicity Holistic of Pebble Beach, CA, that will bring its innovative cannabis pet chews to grocery stores throughout California, according to Yahoo Finance. True Leaf CEO Darcy Bomford praised Synchronicity Holistic as a company that shares many of True Leaf’s values in the production and distribution of its products. “Both True Leaf and Synchronicity Holistic believe in bringing top quality, lab-tested products to their customers. Founder Valentia Piccinini believes in the healing power of effective, natural remedies such as cannabis,” he says. “We also believe in the importance of science-backed natural products for the health and well-being of people and their pets.”


Scale Energy Solutions Receives AwardScale Energy Solutions Receives Award

Scale Energy Solutions, a leader in providing alternative energy sources to the indoor cannabis cultivation market, was recently awarded Technology of the Year by CannaNews, an industry trade publication. “Every so often, a technology comes along that truly revolutionizes an industry. Innovations, like Uber and Airbnb, that change the way things are done. Scale Energy Solutions provides technology that changes the game,” the publication stated on PR Newswire. Scale Energy Solutions provides alternative energy systems to indoor grow operations. Their systems combine solar, storage, heat, and power to lower the energy consumption of indoor cultivation. This not only significantly reduces energy costs—one of the largest expenses for most indoor growers, but also improves reliability of power delivery, which is critical when growing sensitive crops. “We are honored to have received this award and the acknowledgment that our systems are innovative and important to this growing industry,” says Tim Hade, co-founder and COO of Scale Energy.


Hebrew University Launches Center on Cannibinoid ResearchHebrew University Launches Center on Cannibinoid Research

Medical marijuana has truly come into its own academically with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s recent establishment of a Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabinoid Research. The center will serve as one of the world’s leading institutes for conducting and coordinating research about cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, and medical cannabis, and to promote collaboration and disseminate information, according to the Jerusalem Post. The center’s research will focus on cancer, pain, inflammation and stress management, immunity, metabolism, drug delivery, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, neuroscience, and plant science and genetics. Staffed by some of the world’s leading scientists and physicians from HU and its affiliated Hadassah-University Medical Center, the multidisciplinary center is already supporting innovative research. In February, it awarded funding to three research projects on: The effects of cannabidiol (CBD), one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis, on traumatic brain injury; the anti-angiogenic and anti-cancer activity of cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) agonists; and the effect of a cannabis extract on acute radicular pain and on analgesics.


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