Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Highlife Cup Winners, New Industry Faces & International MMJ Study

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Highlife Cup Winners, New Industry Faces & International MMJ Study

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Highlife Cup Winners, New Industry Faces & International MMJ Study
Four Highlife Cups for Dutch PassionFour Highlife Cups for Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion collected four cannabis cups at the recent Highlife Cup in Amsterdam. Masterkush was the overall cup winner, and it also won first prize in the kush category. It’s an original kush variety with unusually high potency levels, which set it apart from average varieties. Dutch Passion CBD Auto Compassion Lime took first place in the CBD category. This easy-to-grow feminized auto with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD is very resinous and popular with medical growers and concentrate fans due to the high oil content. Finally, in the auto category, Dutch Passion took third place with their new Auto Glueberry OG. This is one of Dutch Passions strongest autos so far with genetics from Blueberry, Gorilla Glue, and OG Kush.


Grower’s Gear is HiringGrower’s Gear is Hiring

Grower’s Gear, a rapidly growing California-based company taking the fabric aeration container concept to the highest level of performance and customization, seeks charismatic, driven individuals to help meet the ever-increasing demand for its products. Sales team members are responsible for developing leads, tracking interactions, making sales, and representing the Grower’s Gear brand at trade shows and events. This sales position requires excellent negotiation skills, strong written and verbal communication abilities, technology literacy, and the ability to take direction and work independently. The ideal candidate would have a bachelor’s degree in sales, business administration, communications, or a related field and possess at least two years’ sales experience, the ability and desire to travel, and a positive attitude. Please contact Grower’s Gear at for a full job description, inquiries, or to submit a résumé to be considered for this position.


Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Hires New President and Strategic AdviserGreen Organic Dutchman Holdings Hires New President and Strategic Adviser

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGOD), an organic medical cannabis producer, has appointed Csaba Reider as its new president and Marc Bertrand as its new strategic adviser. Reider brings over 35 years of senior executive leadership experience in the consumer-packaged goods industry. Prior to joining TGOD, he was the CEO and president of SunPac Foods, president and CEO of Xyience Inc., and vice president at Cott Corporation and Cott Beverages Canada. Marc Bertrand has nearly 30 years’ experience with brand building, strategic licensing, international markets, manufacturing, and complex financial transactions. “The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. is excited about the addition of two such highly achieved individuals joining our team. As TGOD continues its rapid growth evolving into a larger company, the vast experience, knowledge, and capabilities of these additional team members will undoubtedly have a profound impact on our future success,” states Rob Anderson, CEO, in an article on


Nate Ferverda Joins Current Culture H2ONate Ferverda Joins Current Culture H2O

Nate Ferverda has joined Current Culture H2O (CCH2O) as vice president of sales. He brings over 20 years of industry experience to the CCH2O team. His experience in retail, manufacturing, and gardening provides a deep understanding of the various facets in the industry. “It’s exciting to see the evolution of the industry. As the industry grows, efficiency is rapidly becoming the future. I am very pleased to join CCH2O, a company that is the future of hydroponic gardening,” says Nate. Current Culture H2O is just as excited to have such a top-level individual become a part of our team. “Nate will be instrumental to our next phase of growth as we continue to innovate and expand our brand,” says Dan Wilson, president and founder. Please join us in welcoming him to the CCH2O family.


Adam Edwards Joins EYE HORTILUX Team in ColoradoAdam Edwards Joins EYE HORTILUX Team in Colorado

Adam Edwards is the new district sales manager for EYE HORTILUX in Colorado. Adam has spent most of his career overseeing and managing the sales and service of highly controlled indoor spaces for the indoor cultivation industry. This experience, along with his background in environmental studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, gives him a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience that he can share with local growers. “Right now, there is such innovation in the industry that it is hard for growers to evaluate what is really a step forward in plant growth and what is just marketing hype,” he says. “I want to work with these professionals in all aspects of the industry to help sort out what is the best way to maximize their yields.” Director of specialty products Mike Anderson is excited to have Adam on the team. “Adam’s vast knowledge of the grow market is an asset to the Colorado area,” he says. “I hope growers will consider him a resource to turn to when they have questions about best practices for achieving maximum results.” To contact Adam, call 1-877-905-2562 or visit


University of Buffalo Invests in MMJ International Cannabis StudyUniversity of Buffalo Invests in MMJ International Cannabis Study

According to a press release on PRWeb, the Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics (BIG) at the University of Buffalo has invested $800,000 in MMJ International Holdings’ medical cannabis research project in Buffalo. “By combining the university’s assets with those of MMJ, a positive economic impact can be achieved while simultaneously enhancing medical cannabis clinical trial opportunities for Buffalo,” says chairman Timothy Moynahan. “The Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) granted to the University of Buffalo will pilot MMJ’s novel software methods, which accompanied by rigorous scientific research will result in a data-driven product formulation. While the partnership is a business enterprise, there is no doubt it has altruistic dimensions; to provide safe and efficacious cannabis medicines that alleviate pain, replace opioids, and diminish or eliminate disease.”


Spiked Soil is HiringSpiked Soil is Hiring

Spiked Soil, maker of the ultimate organic plant cocktail, is looking to hire a team of highly motivated sales associates to promote its business. The sales team is responsible for connecting customers with the unique, cocktail-themed line of soils and nutrients while achieving company goals and maintaining brand standards. Some travel is required for trade shows and customer outreach. To meet these expectations, an ideal applicant would be able to take direction, work independently, and negotiate effectively. To be considered for a position, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in sales, business administration, communications, or a related field along with a minimum of two years of sales experience. Team players interested in learning more about the position can send inquiries and résumés via email to


HelloMD Partners with PharmaCannisHelloMD Partners with PharmaCannis

According to a press release on PR Newswire, HelloMD has partnered with PharmaCannis. Together, the companies will provide new and existing patients with a complete end-to-end MMJ solution, which will include expanded access to cannabis expertise, physicians, education, and medical cannabis products. The services will first roll out in New York state, with several other states to follow. “Given the tremendous differences in medical cannabis markets from state to state, partnering with best-in-class operators like PharmaCannis is absolutely critical for HelloMD as we work to expand patient access to medical cannabis. It is also an important step towards making our services available nationwide,” says Larry Lisser, senior VP of business development for HelloMD. “As PharmaCannis expands its product line and services in New York—and the state expands access to its program—we found a partner in HelloMD that could help us accelerate our reach and brand awareness across this growing market,” says Jeremy Unruh, general counsel of PharmaCannis. “HelloMD’s stellar reputation in California, along with their thoughtful approach to community-oriented services, made working together a priority for us.”


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