Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Community Garden Grants, Vertical Farming System & Expansions

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Community Garden Grants, Vertical Farming System & Expansions

Your Weekly Industry Buzz: Community Garden Grants, Vertical Farming System & Expansions


Seeds of Change Grant School, Community Garden and Farming AwardsSeeds of Change Grant School, Community Garden and Farming Awards

Seeds of Change, a leading producer of sustainably grown organic seeds and nutritious organic foods, announced the recipients of 24 grants in their 2017 Seeds of Change Grant Program on May 8. The winners include 12 community garden and 12 school garden programs across the country. Seeds of Change will distribute $310,000 in grants this year, funded by one percent of its net annual sales. “Seeds of Change is committed to helping create healthier, greener communities, and through the donation of one percent of our net sales to school, community gardening and farming programs nationwide, we hope to connect communities to the food they eat as well as advance sustainable and organic growing practices,” says Andrew Cops, vice president of marketing. Two schools—in Lansing, MI, and Lewisville, TX—and two community garden programs—in Bellevue, PA, and Groveland, FL—will receive total of $110,000 in grants. Ten school and ten community garden programs will receive a total of $200,000 in grants.


Northern Vine Welcomes Siobhan McCarthyNorthern Vine Welcomes Siobhan McCarthy

Siobhan McCarthy has joined Northern Vine Labs as director of sales. “I am thrilled to join Northern Vine,” says McCarthy. “I am eager to apply my skill set and network to a company that is so talented and puts an emphasis on the health and safety aspect of this dynamic industry. We will begin by launching an exciting educational campaign called #KnowYourMedicine, which will educate and highlight the importance of third-party lab testing for a safe, reliable, and regulated legal cannabis industry in Canada. I believe this is an important time where we can marry established trusted relationships within the industry to the benefits of scientific proof.” She continues, saying, “Our lab can act as a third-party seal of quality approval to licensed growers, producers, and patients under the ACMPR…We are well positioned to provide a great service to the many players in this industry so that all Canadians may have access to safe medicine.”


LED Horticultural Lighting Grows Up with GOLDENiLED Horticultural Lighting Grows Up with GOLDENi

After years of research and in-the-field testing, on May 10 Smart Grow Systems announced the launch of the newest member of its commercial vertical farming system, the GOLDENi LED grow light series for propagation and flower. GOLDENi represents a breakthrough in LED grow light technology, surpassing all other horticultural grow lights including currently available commercial LEDs, high pressure sodium (HPS), and high intensity discharge (HID). “Smart Grow Systems’ mission is to drive out waste from commercial horticulture,” says Darrin Dow, founder and CEO of Smart Grow Systems. “Smart Grow believes the future of many commercial crops will be vertical farming in a sea of green application, and we are focused on building a comprehensive vertical farming system to maximize biomass production in the available space of any commercial indoor grow operation. Smart Grow has started with ultra-efficient lighting, digital controls, and consulting services that help growers understand the biomass potential of their grow spaces.”


Sugarmade Announces Significant Business ExpansionSugarmade Announces Significant Business Expansion

Sugarmade, Inc. announced a major business expansion on June 1 through the introduction of, a new division of the company targeting the fast-growing hydroponic supply sector. The focus of the new business unit will be on business-to-business e-commerce, and manufacturing and distribution of hydroponic-related supplies. The new business initiative capitalizes on the vast experience Sugarmade’s staff has gained via the operation of its division, which services more than 3,000 business customers. The company has recently announced that the division continues to grow with strong order flow and record web traffic. “We have been working on bringing online for the past year and we are excited about the launch,” says Jimmy Chan, Sugarmade’s CEO. “This type of business is not new to us. Since 2004, we have been a significant provider of business-to-business e-commerce and we now plan to use this experience to further expand our operations in the hyper-growth hydroponic related markets. It’s an excellent area of growth for the company and its employees and investors.” Sugarmade plans aggressive growth in the number of products available for sale on the site, with additions expected every few weeks through the end of the year.


Dynamic Systems Introduces the SIMBA SystemDynamic Systems Introduces the SIMBA System

Dynamic Systems has announced an end-to-end traceability system for aquaponic, aeroponic, and hydroponic growers using the SIMBA line of barcode tracking and labeling solutions. Key results from implementing SIMBA include real-time production reporting, fulfillment of traceability requirements, more accurate inventory, professional-looking carton and pallet labels, and verified shipping. SIMBA gives the processor the ability to record, label, and track its products faster and more accurately. SIMBA uses an automated process to track the produce through each growth stage while collecting multiple points of data, including such details as produce type, nutrients added, start and end time at each stage, harvest date and time, and so on. The software can collect lot or batch numbers and maintain full traceability from seed through growing and packaging. SIMBA also stores and easily prints unlimited label formats, and the label information is stored in the SIMBA office inventory. SIMBA can interface to scales and automatic label applicators for a fully automated process. For more information, visit


TNB Naturals Partners with Sunlight Supply TNB Naturals Partners with Sunlight Supply

TNB Naturals is excited to announce it has just inked a deal with one of the world’s premier distribution businesses, the well-respected Sunlight Supply. It is a wholesale-only company that will be offering the TNB Naturals product line to gardening and hydroponic stores through its authorized retail dealers. TNB Naturals’ flagship product The Enhancer is an all-natural, user-activated CO2 generator. It was developed to increase yield and plant health without the hassles associated with a traditional CO2 tank or burner. TNB has also released several additional safe and natural products, as well as some innovative tools to help facilitate the ideal grow and compliment their existing line. Sunlight Supply, which was founded in 1995, is a family-owned business headquartered in Washington state. It specializes in indoor and outdoor gardening, hydroponics, and organic growing products, currently employing over 500 employees across 12 facilities and in seven states. For more information on either company, please visit and



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