6 Ways to Create a Better Exhibiting Experience

6 Ways to Create a Better Exhibiting Experience

6 Ways to Create a Better Exhibiting Experience

Are you giving trade show attendees something to remember when they visit your booth? Here are six tactics to ensure your company stands out from the crowd.


When you exhibit at a trade show, you are not only competing with your competitors, you are competing against every single exhibitor. So, how do you stand out? Many companies use the same tactics to attract attention, such as lead retrieval units, models and interactive activities. But there are smarter ways to approach trade shows that will make you stand out from everyone else, and leave a lasting impression on visitors.


  1. Ask open-ended questions and break the ice. Attendees often walk the trade show floor with wandering eyes and thoughts. Your goal is to engage prospective clients. If attendees are approached aggressively, they tend to be annoyed or feel defensive and leave. If they’re ignored, that is even worse. You never know who is passing you by—that person could be a big decision-maker. To engage prospects, ask a non-threatening question like, “What are you hoping to get out of the show?”


  1. Plan ahead. Before attending the show, take an afternoon to go over key strategies and main points with your staff. Make sure they each have a unique, 30-second elevator speech prepared that highlights your product or company energetically but non-aggressively. Remember, though, don’t give this pitch until you have something that the prospect could actually need.


  1. A first impression will be a lasting one. Try and do something different from the average trade show exhibitor. Whether that means constructing unique signage and going beyond industry or branded color schemes, or hosting unique interactive activities and demos in your booth, don’t be afraid to be bold. Give attendees something they won’t be able to resist as they walk by.


  1. Intensify your product displays. If you are highlighting a product in your booth, make it noticeable. Use lighting and place it in a location at a different height from your marketing materials. Attendees are at the show to see what you’re offering, so get their attention. And make sure you bring more than one of your featured products to the show. Anything can happen in transit or even on the show floor.


  1. Make an action plan for follow up. Plan your method for following up prior to the show and make it easy for your booth staffers. Digital scanners and tracking or customized apps are often used for lead generation, but if additional details are not captured, that lead will not be qualified. Write any pertinent information and what you promised the client in your lead notes. Notes like, “follow up immediately with phone call,” or “requested product brochure and wants pricing” will let your sales reps know exactly what the customer was promised. Record any information that will assist you or your sales team in prompt and detailed follow-up after the show.


  1. If you’re not using social media, you are missing out. Create a hashtag for your presence and give followers and attendees compelling reasons why they’d want to come visit your booth. Maybe you are offering a special giveaway, a new product announcement or even the opportunity to be the first to have access to new data. Make your posts personal and engage with your followers one-on-one. Promo or teaser videos, and even pictures of planning and set-up, are enticing to followers. Promote your hashtag during the show, or use the event’s hashtag if one is available.


A successful trade show experience is dependent upon proper planning, execution and follow-up. Even more important are the positive attitudes and communication skills of your booth staff. Give your attendees something to remember, and if they have fun doing it, you are sure to be a success!

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Article Source: skylinetradeshowtips.com.