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GrowX 2017 is a bold new gardening trade show created with the goal of connecting a diverse modern growing community through education, partnerships and interactive experiences.

The Shows

JUN 3-4, 2017

SEP 30-OCT 1, 2017


  • Sunlight Supply
    Sunlight Supply
  • General Hydroponics
    General Hydroponics
  • Medicine Man Technologies
    Medicine Man Technologies
  • Aura Systems
    Aura Systems
  • Bluelab Connect
  • Crop King Seeds
    Crop King Seeds
  • DiNicola Insurance Services
  • DL Wholesale
    DL Wholesale
  • Doctor Dr. Earth
    Dr. Earth
  • Futurola USA
  • Great Lakes Garden Wholesale
    Great Lakes
  • Grodan
  • Grow Patrol Stackable Nutrient Reservoir Systems
    Grow Patrol
  • Left Coast Garden Wholesale
    Left Coast Garden Wholesale
  • Mighty Blend Berger
    Berger - Mighty Blend
  • O2 Grow
    O2 Grow
  • Phive.8 Distribution Plagron
  • Precision Extraction Solutions
    Precision Extraction Solutions
  • Riococo Worldwide
    Riococo Worldwide
  • Royal Gold Premier Organic Soils
    Royal Gold
  • Safer Brand
    Safer Brand
  • Sipco Hygrozyme
  • The Bucket Company
    The Bucket Company
  • Vanquish Lighting Systems
    Vanquish Lighting Systems
  • Vermicrop Organics
    Vermicrop Organics
  • VitalGardenSupply logo
    Vital Garden Supply

Media Sponsors

  • Maximum Yield Modern Growing
    Maximum Yield
  • Maximum Yield Modern Growing
  • Industry News Inews
    Maximum Yield's Industry News
  • Cannabis Now Magazine
  • DOPE Magazine
    DOPE Magazine
  • East Bay Express
    East Bay Express
  • Heavy T's Grow Show
    Heavy T's Grow Show
  • Lawn & Garden Retailer
    Lawn and Garden Retailer
Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibiting at GrowX puts your company in front of retail shop owners, dispensary owners, wholesalers, and commercial and hobby growers all under one roof. This modern grower’s conference + expo is the perfect place to network, build your brand, and demonstrate how your products and services work.

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